The GREEN HINGE System is a unique patented spring-loaded hinge that allows automatic adjustment of your overhead garage door, providing a close tight seal of your door to your building eliminating that air gap and saving you energy and money!
Install ONCE, Enjoy Life-Long SAVINGS!

Weatherstripping deteriorates with age and weather, and has little to no R-Value. You will spend money replacing your weatherstripping again and again but The GREEN HINGE System works virtually forever and will pay for itself quickly.
Heavy-duty 12-gauge steel hinges are easy to install and fits most existing residential and commercial doors.

Why The GREEN HINGE System Outperforms Other Systems
Each door panel can be automatically adjusted to overcome poor track positioning and warped walls.
Most importantly doors only have ONE TRUE SEALING SURFACE the outer panel edge where it contacts the wall. Most door panels are corrugated and allow air gaps in the traditional seals.