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Jason Harris

Sparks LV

I installed the Green Hinge on both my double door and single insulated doors. I am not concerned about temp, but we do get a ton of wind and the doors would rattle and we would get a lot of dust that would blow by the weather-strip in the past. With these installed it completely eliminates that issue. Now I can sit in my garage on windy days and watch a game without my doors chattering and it has greatly reduced the dirt and dust that would blow in also.  I am extremely happy with this product. It is well worth the money. I also made you a review on Garage journal. Keep up the good work.  Thanks.


Steve Paskoff

Blacklick OH

Purchased for my parents 3-year-old condo that came with the "builders special" garage door which would rattle when it would be windy causing the garage to be hotter or colder. Original hinge system was noisy as well when you raised and lowered the garage door. Purchased via a recommendation from one of their neighbors who installed these hinges on the same exact garage door type. Easy to install and the instructions that came in the package with the 6 hinges were easy to read. After replacing all six hinges, myself and my dad were able to lift the garage door while being disconnected from the garage door opener to test the rollers. After reconnecting the garage door to the garage door opener, I pressed the garage door opener and the garage door was much quieter when it went up and was also much quieter as well when I closed the door. After the door was down, we pressed on the garage door which usually would move and the door was solid. I recommend these hinges for any new builds or older garage doors that are not insulated.


To: [email protected]
Subject: Green Hinge System

Hello Editors of Handyman,

Thank for turning me on to the Green Hinge System!
I found out about this thru your magazine along with a host of a lot of useful helpful information.
The hinges did exactly what they claimed to do. My garage door is now more insulated/tighter and Quieter!
No more leaking air gaps.
They are a high product and the the installation was seamless!
I attached some pics to show the quality of these hinges, no air gaps and they look great.

I had called Green Hinge System and had the pleasure to speak with Lester ( The Inventor), he was very helpful and informative.
Thank you Lester for coming up with this.
The service and delivery was excellent!
I will be recommending this to all.
Thank you Handyman for having this information!
Steven Lee

Corvus (Dave) Shorter


Every garage door manufacturer should be upgrading their product with Green Hinges!

 I live in New Hampshire where cold weather and snow frequents us from October through May. My stock Garaga door seals were easily defeated by winter winds and were noisy year round in windy conditions. Green Hinges make my 10 bay doors quieter both when stationary (wind gusts) and during operation (smoother movement). As a bonus, I'll save a bundle on heating my 5,000 square foot facility because Green Hinges make my stock Garaga weather seals more effective.

 I strongly suggest that you share  with major door manufacturers and tell them "This is what your clients want- hinges that make doors better at sealing out cold weather and bugs.


Rhea Pratt

Hope Mills, NC

Where have these hinges been for the last 20 years? I live in North Carolina where we have terrible storms and hurricanes. I purchased these Green Hinges after hurricane Florence. My garage doors were already a little loose, rattled a lot when operating, let in bugs, heat, cold and water, but I thought they were gonna blow-in during the hurricane. Actually I put plastic shims in between the track and rollers to help hold them still during the extreme winds. The Green Hinges arrived and I immediately installed them. It took me about 30 minutes to install on 2 residential 4 panel doors. It was so easy and the directions were great. I noticed the difference immediately; there was no light shining in around my doors and from the outside I was not able to push the doors in or make them rattle, they are very tight. Also, My doors no longer shake and rattle upon operating them. I am not in any hurry for another hurricane, but am confident these green hinges will perform as advertised. I have already given
your business cards and website information to neighbors and family to buy for their doors!

Joe Schroepfer

A+ Gentlemen! Your hinges work exactly as you said they would and come to me in 1 day! My 16 ft garage door was drafty and allowed snow to blow in on the worst days. I am happy to report it no longer does.  Installation took about 10 min. and I only need a 7/16 socket or ratcheting wrench.  The cost is very similar to buying plain replacements but they are worth every penny & more.  I thank you for a great locally made product! I gues we do still have something on the ball in Wis.

Kevin Thomson

Here's a Testimonial you may use: I recently installed the Green hinge system after re-painting our garage doors. I wanted to get them in tip top shape before winter. Simply adjusting the individual hinges never seemed to get the job done to my satisfaction. They rattled, they shook and when the dropped into place, they still didn't seal that well. I installed the Green Hinges in about 15 minutes, taking one off at a time and putting on the new ones. Super Easy to do. I immediately noticed that my doors now fit consistently, sealed on both edges! Viola...It was that simple. No more light shining around the edges (meaning wasteful air gaps!)and now they operate much more quietly. Love my Green Hinges! I'm telling all of my friends about them. Kevin Thomson Ace Hardware Corp. Retired 

Tim Kabrick

I purchased two sets of hinges; one for a 9' door and the other 18'. I had problems installing and called and talked to Lester multiple times.  I could not have asked for better service and assistance.  The problem wound up being a track alignment problem.  The hinges work as advertised and the service is excellent. From Birchwood, WI.

Tracy Wood

Fantastic product, should be mandatory on all garage doors.  Arrived second day after ordering, went on in about 30 minutes for both doors.  My garage is heated and air conditioned and the gaps with the Indiana wind where getting bigger and letting air out.  Now the door is tight and the doors actually go up and down smother and quieter.  Will tell everyone I know. Thanks. You may repost this as a testimonial. Great product.

Jerry England

Hi Lester, I received the hinges on Tuesday and installed them immediately.  I retired from 40 years as an industrial electrician and have seen more than my share of machinery.  These hinges are a model of simplistic perfection.  Very well made and the spring adjustment to increase tension is nothing short of brilliant.  Now, do they work? The answer is yes and well beyond my expectations.  My 16 foot shop door is sealed tight against the weather stripping all the way around.  These hinges are incredible.  Thanks so much for addressing a problem and fixing it.  I should mention that installation was very easy. Well done Lester!!!!!!

Tom Boston
This is one of those products that I wish I had 25 years ago; I could have saved a lot of cash thru the years if these had been on my shop doors.  These hinge systems are THE answer to leaky garage doors and absolutely worth the cost.  They will pay for themselves, no question.

VP of Operations

By pushing the overhead door tight against the door jamb while in the closed position, a tight seal is maintained, even on windy days, when doors tend to push away from the jamb.Our Logistics company installed Green Hinges on all overhead dock doors in our ambient warehouses. The product addresses two major needs for our facilities. First, they protect the products we store from pests. In addition, they help in controlling our utility costs by reducing heat loss during winter months.

Installation of the hinges was easy and they have been in operation for the past few years without any issues.

Green Hinge by Arn

Excellent product ! Well built and made in the U.S.A. My 2 garage doors are sealed now! Green Hinges make a tremendous difference in retaining heat, I'm sure it will also keep my garage cooler in the summer. My doors were just adjusted (for a fee) and still had wind sneaking in, especially on the real windy days. Now they stay sealed, even makes the garage area quieter as well ! I'll get heat savings payback in a year for sure, well worth the purchase price ! Thanks, again to Green Hinge of Lena, WI.

Awesome Hinges! by Glen K.

If you heat your shop, you need these hinges. I ordered a set a couple of weeks ago to try them out and I love them! I'm going order a set now for my other door. We had a 20 mph wind with gusts last weekend, and I stood and watched to see if the hinges would yield to the wind. They held strong! Awesome hinges!!! I just wish I would have known about them sooner.

41 Auto Shop w/6 doors by Jeff Hoover

The hinges are a definite heat savings for the shop. We have a 6 bay shop with an oil heater and when the temperature is 0-20 degrees the heater ran non stop, but since the hinges where installed it stops for an hour or so plus I didn't have to buy oil this year. Also I couldn't stand by the garage doors before so definitely an improvement. 

Fire Station Doors by Wally Remic

I first had the hinges installed in my shop, The first thing I noticed was that the light coming in around the doors had been reduced to just about none, no light no heat loss. I am also the fire chief at crooked Lake Wisconsin, the men took one look at my doors and we did all six at the station, again, no light no heat/cooling loss. We are in northern Wis. so over time our heat savings will pay for the hinges. Thanks for a great product.

Home Owner by Mark Kastleberg

Sealing my garage door with Green Hinge had many advantages. Right away I noticed that my door did not rattle anymore. I live in Wisconsin and have an unheated attached garage. The first winter I noticed that the garage was warmer, so I placed a thermostat in the garage and the temp. did not go below freezing. When we have bad snow storms some snow would drift into the garage and this year there was no snow that entered the garage. I also noticed when I open the door to the house from the garage there is no draft into the house. I can tell that the air pressure is no longer there and this also reduced dust from entering the house. I am really happy with the Green Hinges, that's for sure.

JH Fisher Transfer

When I first looked at the Green Hinge I thought "what is that" but once they where on my door it was a whole different story. I installed them on my 14ft by 16ft truck door that is on my heated garage. I could never get my door adjusted to eliminate the air leak, but the Green Hinges did just that. The day after installation I could tell a noticeable difference. I have an outside wood boiler that heats the garage and usually every night all the wood is burned by morning. With the Grenn Hinges on, there is still wood left the next day, which saves me a lot of money on wood. It is also nice that it made my door quieter. After seeing what it did, I would put the Green Hinges on every door I have.

Great Product by John

Great prodcut for the price, saves me a lot of money heating my garage

James Donovan
Naperville, IL

Everyone that comes into my shop gets a free tour of my new hinges and a great story behind them.   I had a salesman in from Combined Services today, Jerry Dieter, and I told him to get in touch with you .  I said quit your day job and start installing these hinges.  Charge $25 a door plus parts and you will make money.  I said it took me less than ½ hour to do a 5 panel door.    I said I gave the old roller a shot of WD-40 to clean it and get the balls moving free, then pack them with grease and put a little grease on the shaft and put them in.  I told him I didn’t use any power tools and did it all with a ratchet and if I used power tools it would speed it up but I was in no hurry.    The building behind me has 160 doors (big storage warehouse) and if he could get the contract he could make $4,000 and it would take him less than 2 weeks to put in the replacement and by the time he finishes he would have a good time factor to see if he is charging enough.  But I told him he had to start somewhere and getting a big customer that could claim the next year he saved ¼ of his heating bill it would just open the doors for his business which would be replacements only not trying to compete with door installers.
I also had a Naperville building inspector over and told him these should be mandatory on all new construction because there is an energy problem and this helps to cure a huge leak in any building.  I told him to go back to the city garage and have the maintenance guy come over here and take a look what these can be doing to save on their heating bill. 
I know if I was 20 years younger I would jump on this.  You have a great thing going Lester and I wish you great success. 
Merry Christmas and the best for 2016

Arthur Lively
Waynesboro, Va

I just installed your Green Hinge system on my garage door and they are just great, THANK YOU FOR COMING UP WITH THIS IDEA. Now I can work in my shop in the winter.

Brad Miller
Atwater, OH

Great product! I have a heated garage and I would get air in and around my garage doors.  After installing Green Hinge, no more air in! Great product. Great invention!

Clark Robbins
Davisburg, MI

I was skeptical of your claims but have been looking for awhile for some way to seal one of my garage doors. So I thought I would give your hinges a try but they seemed kind of expensive for 6 hinges (almost $100). However, when I received them, I realized they were excellent quality and very well made which explained the price. That still did not mean they would work. I installed the first hinge but made very little difference so I installed 2R and 3R and that made a huge difference. I installed 1L, 2L and 3L and the door was tight against the seal. In fact, the door lock bar would not go into the track, I had to add spacers behind the lock to move it outboard. I am very impressed with the results and worth the money as the garage door is now tightly sealed. It still goes up/down but drag is noticeable now but not a problem. Really outstanding product and thanks! 

Gary J Fortunat
Leesburg, Va

Purchased 12 of these hinges...6 for each of my 4 panel doors and installed them in about an hour. They are great! No more gaps in the doors...what a clever and simple product to seal your garage doors. I had tried all kinds of weather stripping around doors which was at best marginally effective...so happy I saw the ad for Green Hinge in Popular Mechanics...absolutely worth the investment!

Norman West
Highland, MI

Great system. I had been putting wood wedges in the tracks to stop the infiltration of cold air especially with a north wind. Great idea, easy to install and should come with all garage doors. Now my 3 car residential heated/air conditioned garage is much more comfortable. Anyone with insulated garage doors should have Green Hinge installed. 

Nancy Maa
Hubertus, WI

Hi, Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the hinges! I installed them today and they are the solution I was looking for; the door is now snug and even quieter. I installed them myself in under an hour and yes, I’m a woman! Thanks much for making such a great product. I would definitely recommend!

Bill Bertelli
Principal Design Engineer
Electronic Flight Control Systems 

I ordered a set last week and just completed installation on one of my two doors (I wanted to see just how good these were before I went with both doors).
I was impressed!  Nice seal!  Genius!
Good product.  I saw the ad in the Family Handyman.  After insulating my garage with Roxul and sheetrock, and installed heat sources, I wanted to have an airtight as possible space.  The newly installed insulated doors were clearly the big heat loss source with the door/jam interface, and could see light through the flex seals they had installed on the exterior.  Clearly the gap was just too big.
After the hinge installation and a minor track adjustment at a top corner, perfection!  And there was no noticeable additional running friction when operating the door manually.  (I have a LiftMaster 8500 sidewinder with the torsional spring)
Great product!!

Bruce Clutche
Palmyra, PA

Wanted to let you know I wrote to The Family Handyman once I installed your Green Hinge product (love them!) based on our call a month ago on a Friday night. Here’s a copy of my email to them. “I love The Family Handyman magazine and usually read it cover to cover, including most of the ads found therein. For the past few months I’ve been reading the Green Hinge System ad in your magazine and decided to give them a try. I called the # to place my order last on a Friday night and the owner/inventor of the hinge answered the call and took my order! We talked for about 20 min discussing garage doors and how to install the Green Hinge product. When we were done he told me to call back with any problems and he’d walk me through how to resolve any issues. I order a dozen hinges and easily installed them myself and they are working great, pressing my garage door to the jam to keep the cold air out (so no need for a follow up call). Thanks for the ad that led me to this great product.”

I heard back from Handyman Magazine regarding my favorable letter about your product. Here’s the email from the associate editor, Mark Petersen: Hey Bruce, I agree that the product makes a lot of sense. I think that all new garage doors should come with those hinges, or at least have it be an option. Thanks for the feedback, Mark